Adventure Time Season 6 is the sixth season of the Adventure Time series and consists of 52 episodes which is split into Season 6.1 and 6.2. The first half of the season was released on a dvd boxed set with Wildberry Princess on the front and the second half had The Pepermint Butler.



  • Fire in my Heart:  The Ice King manages to capture the Flame Princess and LSP and he reads them another Fionna and Cake fanfic but Flame Princess gets tired off it and after a huge outburst she tells him a story about Fionna and Cake where Fionna gives the Prince Gumball a second chance but settles for the Flame Prince after she saves him from the Ice Queen but when Prince Gumball gives Fionna the Rose of True Love from the Enchanted Garden, Fionna has to choose between the two guys.
  • GiGunter: PB invents a machine that can either increase or decrease the size of an object and when the Ice King and one of his Gunters come to kidnap PB his Gunter messes around with the machine and turns into a huge troublemaking beast.
  • MeMow Returns: Wildberry Princess hires Finn and Jake as her bodyguards in fear of being assasinated after her near death experience and when MeMow returns and must murder WP to become a real assasin he ends up killing PB instead when she comes to visit WP and with PB in a serious condition Finn reveals a shocking confession to her but she doesn't hear it because she is unconcious but the Ice King finds out and plans to use it against him.
  • Blood Red Instead: Finn and Jake host a party at their house but Marcelline refuses to drink the punch and states that she is thirsty for blood and if they don't find her any she'll drink theirs. So Finn and Jake postpone the party and they finally find the Red River, but the giant beast living inside their refuses to let them take some.
  • Terror Time: Cuber decorates his ship for Halloween and tells three spine-tingling tales.

Clone, Alone: Jake creates an evil duplicate of himself with PB's cloning machine that tries to kill him.

The Talking Dead: Jake and Finn journey to the dead world to retrieve PB but some scary skeletons lead by Pepermint Butler try to eat their flesh.

The Giving Horror: The Giving Ghoul, a mysterious ghost who treats people with ghastly gifts visits the Candy Kingdom and PB, Finn and Jake band together to stop the ghost from terrorizing the citizens.