Haru's new look 1
Name Haru
Gender Male
Age 15
Species Human
Occupation Hero
Hyoomen Tribe Member (formerly)
Introduced In Susan Strong
Voiced by Greg Cipes


Haru is a young human with blue hair and pale skin. When he was younger, he had shorter hair and wore a light blue shirt under a blue overall and brown shoes. As a member of the Hyoomen Tribe, he was shirtless and barefoot and wore brown ragged pants held by a sand-colored rope-like belt and was sometimes seen wearing a light brown dog hat with brown ears, His hair was much longer and messier than it was in Ooo. After Haru arrives back in Ooo, His hair was cut by Yuki, leaving it shorter and neater and now wears a navy blue jacket over a dark grey elbow-lenght shirt, blue pants held by a black belt with a silver buckle on it and black boots.