The Pups Vs. Me-Mow

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The Pups Vs. Me-Mow
is the third Season 6 episode. In it, Me-Mow and her brothers, Scratch, Hiss, and Purr are out to assassinate the Pup as part of Me-Mow's revenge on Jake.


Me-Mow and her brothers are up on a tree branch, spying on Lady Rainicorn and the pups.

Hiss: Me-Mow, I think those are the pups. The pups. Jake's pups. Pups.

Me-Mow: Yeah, shut up now. My revenge needs to go perfectly! Jake made me have to take the assassin's test all over, so he'll pay... with his children's blood!

Scratch: Heh... yeah.

Me-Mow: Now, Purr, you need to put on this disguise and blend in with the pup.

Me-Mow hands Purr a puppy costume.

Purr: Uh, sure.

Purr puts on the costume and jumps off the branch, landing next to the pups.

Jake Junior looks over at Purr.

Jake Junior: Um, who are you?

Purr: My name's.... um... Not An Assassin Cat Who's Trying To Kill You.

Jake Junior: Um...

Up in the branch, Me-Mow, Scratch, and Hiss are watching.

Me-Mow: What an idiot...

The next day at the tree fort, Jake is leaving to see the pups.

Finn: Seeya, Jake.

Jake: Yeah, 'kay, bye.

Outside the tree fort, Jake sees a note.

Jake: What's this?


Jake gasps.

At Lady Rainicorn's house, the pups are playing outside with their "brother".

Jake Junior: So, Not An Assassin or whatever you're name is, what game do you wanna play?

Purr: Um... the game... where you, uh... do the thing in the place.... and it's fun... and stuff.

Jake Junior: So what is that game called?

Purr: Uh... "the game game of gamey games and other gamey gameish games"....

Jake Junior: I'm starting to think you aren't a dog...

Purr: Well, I..... gotta go to the bathroom. Then I'll be back with an explanation for why I'm all cat-like and stuff.

Purr runs out of the pups' sight, then climbs up a tree and meets his siblings on a branch.

Me-Mow: The plan is going horrible, you idiot! They're on to you, which means they must be eliminated NOW!

Scratch: But, sister, the plan!

Me-Mow: [hissing] FORGET IT!!!

Hiss: Wow...

Me-Mow and her brothers each cough up a dagger and jump out of the branch and in front of the pups.

Pups: AAAAH!!!

The cats point their daggers toward the pups.

Lady Rainicorn comes walking up to the pups.

Lady Rainicorn: [in Korean] Puppies, whats going--- [sees the cats with daggers] Me-Mow!

Jake jumps in front of the cats and stretches his hands into the shape of hammers.

Jake: Lady, I'm glad I got here in time! I heard that Me-Mow was after the pups!

Jake punches Me-Mow's brothers with his hammer hands, sending them flying into the sky, and then strikes at Me-Mow, who quickly dodges.

Me-Mow: Nice try, Jake!

Me-Mow slashes Jake accross the chest.

Jake: Hey!!!

Me-Mow tosses the dagger away and coughs an axe.

Me-Mow: What're ya gonna do now, Doggy?

Jake: [groaning] Aaaaagh... my cheeeest...

The pups gasp.

Jake Junior: Dad!

Jake Junior stretches her pony-tail towards Me-Mow and wraps it around the handle of the axe. She pulls it out of Me-Mow's hand.

Me-Mow: More magic dogs? Great....

The pups tackle Me-Mow and punch her.

Me-Mow: Ow, quit it!

Jake: Another problem solved! Yay..... wait a second, am I bleeding?