• The Two Headed Monster is an evil giant who appeared in several Episodes of the adult Adventures Time spin offs. Just like Ren and Stimpy adult party cartoon.


It was debuted in the episode Freak City. He was walking around and stepped on a trigger that launched giant Foot Finn into his balls. Then he started screaming "MY CROTCH, MY EVIL CROTCH"! He appeared again in The Return to freak city. There, he kidnapped the freak city civilians and Locked them in a cage. Suddenly, Jake turns his foot into a humongous cowboy boot and kicks the Monster in his ball sack. Then Finn unlocks the cage and rescues the freaks while the Monster is wailing "MY BALL'S, OUR EVIL BALLLLS"! At the end of the episode they return. This time they have thick snow pants on. But Finn just pulls them down. Revealing his groin. Then Jake punches it furiously. He also appeared in Adult Adventures Time episode 2. Where Adult Finn and Jake are having a picnic. But the two headed monster comes and EATS adult Jake. Adult Finn throws the Monster in the air and makes him land crotch first on the tip of Ice Kings old castle. Causing him to scream "Ow My TESTACLES". Then he spits out Jake into finns arms. His last appearance was in Monster battles where he was fighting Ice King. Ice King makes a frozen boxing glove and punches him in the penis.